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Snap deploy 5 and 6 and external drive fixed disk issue

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I’m having an issue where snap deploy 5 and 6 are not seeing my Samsung t7 external drives correctly. It’s seeing them as fixed disk and I’m getting an error writing to them. These are brand new out of the box. The only work around I’ve got is to format the drives as ntfs, Acronis still sees them as fixed disks, makes them the C drive and pushes the drive I need to capture to drive D, but I can at least move forward and write to the drives. When I goto deploy said image of the drives, Acronis shows the captured image under the fixed disk volume and I can deploy that way but a couple times it’s frozen up. I also need to keep the Acronis flash drive with snap deploy plugged in and use another port for the external drive. If I unplug the flash drive, system reboots. This is driving me nuts. Any solutions?

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Hello Logan,

thank you for your posting! I've found a similar ticket in our internal sources, but there the issue was resolved by using a bootable media of Acronis Snap Deploy 6. If the issue reproduces in your environment and the components are up-to-date, I'd recommend raising a support ticket so that our engineers can collect the diagnostic information and investigate further.