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Snap Deploy Deployment Task capabilities

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I have two questions:


1. Is it possible to setup Snap Deploy 5 or 6 so that a deployment task is always listening and just images any machines that are PXE booted within the subnet?

2. Is it possible to use the above deployment task to allow a tech imaging a machine to choose the deployment template on the target machine so that they never have to touch the management console?

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Hello Daniel,

thank you for your posting and your interest in Acronis software! 

1. Deployment to any ready machines might be suitable for this scenario. Deployment to any ready machines starts when a specified number of machines becomes ready. OS Deploy Server counts how many machines have connected to it, and starts deployment when a specified number of machines is reached. Deployment is usually performed by multicasting.

2 Please see if the User-initiated deployment is suitable for your use case…