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restore hidden files & folders (AppData)

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I try to recover a user profile to another PC with win 8.1 pro and I'm missing AppData in the backup explorer. It looks like hidden files & folders are not shown although win explorer has these attributes set.
can someone please help ?
thanks & best

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There are certain default exclusions in the True Image backups these can be found in the Options section of the backup task creation screen of the GUI. Clicking on the Exclusions tab will provide a list of excluded items and also allows for the addition of files/folders a user may want to exclude from a backup.

It is possible to remove or add any items to this list. To remove an exclusion click on that exclusion to highlight then click on the minus button of the window. The plus button allows you to add exclusions by path.

Have a look at this list and determine if the data you need was excluded from the backup file you restored from.

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From scanning the forums is would appear that TIH 2016 version seems to have additional default exclusions compared to TIH 2014, which I'm still using.

It does however appear that there could also be something related to Windows security. When I tried to do a Recover Files method, of some email files that is located in Users\<user>\AppData (normally hidden folder in Windows Explorer), it did not show any of the hidden folders for the Users\<user>\AppData\. Checking exclusion settings on backup configuration, all were default settings.

However when I mounted the image the folder was visible via Windows Explorer thus confirming that the data was backed up. I then just performed a manual copy paste and all was working again (luckily all on the same PC). It would have been nice to just do it via Recover Files method from within TIH. My system setup is Windows 8.1 with TIH 2014 Premium installed and backing up via network to NAS device.

Is there a writeup to explain how TIH handle this security aspect via the TIH application since I could not find a "Display hidden folders" setting. Presumably referring to Windows Explorer and not TIH that is mentioned in most discussions?


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By default, the folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\ is not excluded from backup. Acronis True Image backs up hidden files/folders if they are not excluded. 

Ronald Mohr, as far as I understood, you cannot find the AppData folder while browsing the backup in the Acronis True Image console. But what if to double-click the backup in Windows Explorer and open the folder C:\Users\<user>\ in the backup? Can you find AppData folder there? 

Best regards.

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Hi Ronald I was not able to reproduce the issue and tried the TIB explorer (Windows Explorer integration), not the tib mounter.

as you can see I checked "display hidden files" in Windows Explorer and instantly this caused the display of hidden files in the TIB explorer.


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Does anyone know why acronis backup hidden folder in one machine but not the others?


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Paul, this forum topic is 5 years old and untouched - I would recommend opening a new topic of your own in the forum for the version of ATI that you are using, then provide more details of the scenario that you are dealing with for your question.