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Restore from incomplete backup?

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One of my hard disks has just failed. Before this happened I tried and tried to persuade ATI 2016 to back one of the partitions on it up, but to no avail. It seems very likely that the "failed" backups, on the backup drive, are the best versions available - but they're not listed as the backup(s) did not complete. 

While I can (to an extent) see the wisdom of this, I'm at the point where half a loaf will be very much better than no bread at all - the last "successful" backup of the partition in question was nearly a year ago.

So: how can I persuade ATI 2016 to restore the data it spent hours writing to the backup drive before the failure occurred? 

Many thanks in advance!


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Pete, welcome to these User Forums.

Sorry, but if your backups were all incomplete, then they cannot be recovered either as will be considered as being corrupt.  Disk backups are performed at a sector level and even if you could recover the data, there is no guarantee that your data would be intact due to the sectors that would be missing that could hold data that is essential for file integrity.

The first point that I would recommend would be to try Validating any of the backup (.tib) files - if you are doing this from within Windows, then right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and take the Validate option from the True Image menu shown.  If validation fails, then sorry but the file is very unlikely to be of any use.  Another check is to try to open the .tib file by double-clicking on it in Explorer then see if you can navigate the contents?