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GPT disk and Acronis TI

Thread needs solution
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Hello I'm new here.
I try to backup my Win 10 x64 lagacy laptop by booting the Laptop from ATI 2017 disk.
This way ATI only can backup to the root of my external USB Western Digital 4TB disk (GPT format).
If I try to direct the backup to any other path on that disk the backup process starts fine but about half way it results in the message: "Backup failed".
I can't figure out the cause of this and what to do to solve the problem.

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Martin, welcome to these public User Forums.

If your laptop is booting in Legacy BIOS mode then it is subject to a maximum disk size of only 2TB due to the limitations of MBR partitioning.

See webpage: Understanding the 2 TB Limit in Windows Storage for more information.

The Acronis rescue media will have this same limitation when used in Legacy boot mode and your backup wouldn't be usable if you boot the media in UEFI / GPT mode unless your laptop supports this as ATI would convert the backup from Legacy MBR to GPT.

If the backup is starting, then it may simply be that the drive is powering off during the backup process while waiting for data.

All Acronis rescue media include an option in the offline application to view the Logs for any operations being performed, so this should be your starting place to check for any errors or other information.  The log data can be saved by right-clicking on the top line and taking the Save option.