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Handling of removable media not connected

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Hi there.  I just modified the backup scheme of a Windows 10 system with True Image 2017 on it.

We had been using one portable hard drive always connected as the backup.  But to add more redundancy, I tried to add a second backup drive - but with only one connected at a time.  I have scheduled backups to run daily on both drives.  Obviously one of them can't be done because it won't be connected.  I have seen only one option for removable media (to ask me to insert it), but I just want the backup to be ignored until the missing drive is plugged back in.

But I keep getting error email messages when the missing backup can't be done.

Any way to get True Image just to ignore the backup without complaining until the missing removable drive is re-connected?  (This is not an interactive system that a user would normally be using, need it to be automated.)


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Andrew, please see KB 62741: Acronis True Image: rotating backup destination disks requires separate backup plans per destination disk for general information on this topic.

Another option is to create a Pre Command for your backup task that checks for the correct drive being connected and aborts the task if not found.  Note: you should disable the Options > Advanced > Error Handling settings if doing this to prevent the task being retried multiple times and failing each time.


echo off
if not exist S: goto nodrive
dir S:
echo "Drive found!"
exit /b 0

echo "Drive not found!"
exit /b 1

One further option is to use the Schedule > Advanced option described below from the ATI 2017 User Guide:

If you schedule a backup to a USB flash drive or validation of a backup that is located on a USB flash drive, one more check box appears: Run when the current device is attached. Selecting the check box will let you perform a missed operation when the USB flash drive is attached if it was disconnected at the scheduled time.


Messaggi: 3
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Great info - thanks, Steve!