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I purchased the new True Image 2017 (3 computers) as an upgrade to the 2016 I had on my computer, a Dell desktop running Windows 10.  The upgrade activated fine on my laptop, but when trying to activate after installing on my desktop I received the message, "Sorry, the serial number couldn't be checked. Try again later."  I waited until the next day, tried again, same message.  Any answers for why?

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Try logging out of the account on the machine (from within the Acronis application) and logging back in.  I had the same issue on both of my systems, but they were running Acronis 2017 beta so I assumed that was the issue.  AFter I logged off and back in, it registered just fine on its own. If that doesn't help for you, reach out to technical support and they should be able to square you away. 

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I've sent you PM.