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System Backup for multi-drive PC using Acronis True Image 2017

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Am I missing something?

I have a Dell T7910 Workstation in which I have installed four hard drives. Windows 10 Professional is installed on a 500 GB SSD drive. I want to perform a system backup that backs up only this SSD drive.

Acronis 2017 only seems to offer me the options of:

1) backing up my entire PC if I want to back up my O/S. This would amount to about 9.5 TB on four drives.
2) backing up particular partitions, folders and files on particular hard drives. I could be wrong, but I do not think this would give me a system backup that I could restore if I lost my O/S through the failure of my SSD system drive.

I would be grateful to any forum members who could advise me how I can use Acronis True Image 2017 to make a system backup without having to backup my entire PC of four hard drives.

My sincere thanks in advance.

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Graham, welcome to these public User Forums.

When you create a new backup task in most recent versions of ATI, it will default to showing you a backup of 'Entire PC' which would then include all disk drives in your computer.

You can click on that 'Entire PC' Source selection box and be shown further options, including 'Disks & Partitions' where you can select just your main OS SSD drive with all its partitions.

See the ATI 2017 User Guide: Backing up disks and partitions - for more information.