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one or more of the removable devices wont turn on

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So I just got a new Kingston KC2500 NVMe PCIe SSD and got ATI for free.

And I'm trying to clone my C drive to my new Kingston SSD using ATi cloning tool but it keeps saying that one or more removable devices is taking too long to turn on. I have no idea what's going on please help 

source disk: Dell Toshiba M.2 NVMe SSD 256GB
destination disk: Kingston KC2500 NVMe PCIe SSD 1TB

ATI build 5128

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Yun Chang, welcome to these public User Forums.

See KB 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products which applies to all OEM versions of ATI supplied with hardware purchases.

Personally I have not used cloning with my own M.2 SSD's as I have no suitable adapter to connect 2 with and have no systems with 2 slots for this type of drive, therefore I have always used Backup & Recovery to migrate to a new or larger drive.

The steps in outline are as follows:

  1. Create the Acronis Rescue Media (use the Simple option for WinPE)
  2. Test booting your laptop from the rescue media, ensuring you understand how to boot in UEFI mode and can 'see' your current SSD drive and an external backup drive to hold a full disk backup image.
  3. Make a new full Disk backup of the working SSD to an external drive as a one-off backup action.
  4. Shutdown the PC, remove the current SSD and install the new SSD.
  5. Boot from the Acronis Rescue Media with your backup drive connected.
  6. Recover the Backup from step 3. to the new SSD.
  7. Check the Log messages before exiting from the rescue media (all logs are lost on exit) to check all is OK.
  8. If all ok, disconnect the external drive, remove the rescue media and restart the PC normally from the new SSD.
  9. When you have confirmed all is ok with the new SSD, make a new backup again to include any new device drivers installed for the new SSD.

Note: if your new SSD is larger than the original one, then you may find that ATI has not expanded the C: OS partition to use the full new size of the new SSD.  If so, then this is quite simple to resolve as below:

First, download a copy of the free MiniTool Partition Wizard software, install this, then use it to move the Windows Recovery partition (that is shown after the C: OS partition) to the end of the available unallocated space. 

Next, resize the C: OS partition to use the available unallocated space.

See KB 63226: Acronis True Image 2020: how to create bootable media and KB 59877: Acronis True Image: how to distinguish between UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes of Acronis Bootable Media

KB 63295: Acronis True Image 2020: How to restore your computer with WinPE-based or WinRE-based media