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How can you Update an HDD Image

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I am Using True Image 2021 Build 30290.

My O/S is Windows 10 21H1 , Build 19043,1288.

My Hardware is Asus Rog Strix Z590-A, 64gb Ram, CPU Intel Core i9 11900K, Samsung 4TB Qvo SSD, Samsung 970 Evo 250gb M.2, Samsung 980 Evo 250gb M.2.

I have Created a Clone of My O/S from the 980 Evo Onto the 970 Evo.

I Tested this Image and the System Works Perfectly from it.

My Question is, at some time in the Future I would like to Update that Image.

Because as you would know that a Cloned Drive Image Created Say Two Weeks Ago would be Different at the Time your Main O/S Drive Failed, in the Future.

Because of any added Programs you Install, or Changes to My Documents etc, Actually My Documents are kept in the cloud.

The way I have My Drives may seem Counter Productive, having the Backup/Cloned Drive Inside the Computer.

Be that as it may , But that Works Fine for me, I do have Other Off Site Backups Available.

If My Main Drive Fails, I can Simply Select the Cloned Drive from the Computers Boot Menu ( F8 ) and Load Windows and Carry on as Normal all within 6 Seconds.

I have tried to Use the Acronis True Image Backup to that second Drive, But you can't Boot the Computer from it Natively , you have to create and use a winpe usb flash  drive to load the cloned drive.

So if anyone could let me know if I am Say Going about it the wrong way, Or offer a Better Way, Please let me know.


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John, there is no method provided by Acronis to update a cloned copy of a drive.

The only options using Acronis that are available are to regularly repeat the manual clone operation so that the copy is caught up on all changes made on the main drive or to use Backup & Recovery to do the same.

Outside of using Acronis, then your options are to boot separately from each drive and run updates and repeat the same changes etc.  This is easiest if only the Windows OS and installed applications are kept on these SSD drives and user data is stored on a third drive that is common to both SSD's for access (and is regularly backed up for safety and security of data).