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bootable restore appears to hang.

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I am recovering from a PC crash. I have a good backup to use in recovery. I have been able to start the bootable USB Acronis 64-bit recovery.... but after it starts the recovery it appears to hang. There is no indication that it is accomplishing anything and the external hard disk (that contains the good backup) isn't blinking. What can I do to either see if it is working or actually get it to work?

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Hugh, sorry but more information is needed here?

What version of Acronis True Image are you using / was used to create the bootable USB media being used for recovery?

What version of Windows OS are you recovering here? 10, 8, 7, etc?

What BIOS Boot mode is being used for the recovery?  Legacy or UEFI?
Is this the same BIOS boot mode as your crashed Windows OS was using?
Note: does your backup image contain an EFI System partition to show it was UEFI?

KB 59877: Acronis True Image: how to distinguish between UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes of Acronis Bootable Media

How long have you waited when the recovery appears to hang?

Have you used the bootable USB media on this PC successfully previously?

What type of Acronis Rescue Media is it?

For the ATI 2018 & later version rescue media, there are 3 different versions available:
Simple:  created based on your Windows Recovery Environment for WinPE media.
Advanced: created based on Windows ADK (or AIK for earlier OS versions) - WinPE media.
Advanced: created based on a small Linux distro OS (BusyBox) or created from the .ISO CD image download from your Acronis Account page.

Was the backup image being used created by the same version of ATI that created the USB rescue media?
Note: Acronis will only guarantee backwards compatibility between ATI and backup images, i.e. ATI 2021 media can work with the majority of all previous version images, but an image created by ATI 2021 cannot be recognised by ATI 2019 media etc.  See the link on backwards compatibility in my signature.