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Can't change compression-Rate

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I have the following Problem. Then I create a new Backup-Profile, I can decide to edit the Copressionrate of the Backup-file. After saving the Profile, I can't edit the compressionrate. The Menuoption is gone and then the Backup has finished the filesize of the file are bigger then the filezise of Version 2014. Is it normal, that the compressionoptions disappears in the menu and the compressonrate is set to "noraml"? Is there a solution for this Problem?



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I don't think so, but I'll check on mine.

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You can only set the compression while creating a new backup.  See this thread.

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I can't even set the compression when I am creating a new back up. Please advise.

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Paris, welcome to these public User Forums.

What version of Acronis True Image are you using for your backups?

See the ATI 2015 User Guide for details of using the Backup Options to set Compression - if you are using the version per the name of this forum.