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Rescue CD freeze computer

Thread needs solution
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Excuse my english....

I have Acronis True Image 9 (7347)  bought a fee years ago and the Rescue freeze.

I download Acronis True Image WD Edition (Free with Western Digital). I installed it. I made a rescue Cd.

It start and a menu with 2 choice appear, True Image (complete) and the other choice Windows.

The choice Windows work fine. The problem is when I try True Image. It start and a screen showing

True Image, it stay,s a few seconds and after a black screen appear and there, the computer freeze,

I use windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04 is working fine too.

Hard drive and logical optical burning drive(CD/DVD) are SATA

Do you have a solution? Can you help Me?

Do you want a everest report to help you helping me?

Thank you all

Denis Lesage Québec, Canada


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The Linux kernel and/or drivers used by TI probably don't correctly support your computer. You might want to try the TI 2009 trial version and see if it boots successfully.

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Hi MudCrab,

I tried the TI 2009 trial version and the CD rescue didn't work.

The kernel for the Rescue CD is Linux. How come that I don't have any problem with the kernel of Ubuntu 9.04 ?

Thank for helping,

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The trial  version did not work trying to do what? It will not back up for you I don't think.