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Retrieving Acronis True Image Home 10 serial number?

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I know I have an old product, but it is on an old computer and I fear change.

My problem is this: Is there a way to retrieve the serial number of my store bought Acronis True Image Home 10 which is installed on my computer with Windows XP professional, BUT, it would appear that I probably didn't register this product when I installed it on computer? Forum search suggested this could be done from same area that the "build" version is when program is started, but it it did state "if product was registered." I tried it anyway, but it only gave "build" version, but no serial number/key.

This issue came up after I had to fix boot problem with XP by running system repair via Dell disk, but that made Acronis unable to back up. I searched forum here, saw that others reported similar issues, but tried a few things posted, but this did not work. So I ended up uninstalling Acronis completely, with plan on reinstalling so it would hopefully fix problem. Couldn't reinstall as it wanted the serial number on box (box is likely in a land fill and no serial number on the disk envelope (which would have been a better location).

I ended up using Acronis disk to boot and used a backup image (which is why I create a weekly image of entire hard drive). This restored image again had intalled Acronis on it and because it was before my boot problem, Acronis works again. My only concern now is if I have to use the Dell system repair disk again in the future, and I need to unintall and reinstall Acronis (to get it to work again), I don't have the serial number.

Is this number stored somewhere on my computer that I can check and record for future need?

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The serial number isn't available if it's not shown. Acronis has changed whether or not it is displayed in the About box many times -- some builds do, some don't.

You may want to contact Acronis Support via Live Chat or by sending a PM to an Acronis Moderator on the forum and see if they can do anything for you.

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Good Morning,

     I have been very frustrated in my several attempts to be provided the serial number for my Acronis True Image 2019 which was included with my purchase of my SSD hard drive that I purchased which my invoice clearly shows to be included with my new Hard Drive an Acronis License for Three computers. The person I have desperately tried to have correct my issue is met with a constant and repeated question by :

Abhishikth A

Support Professional

Acronis Customer Central

He continues to ask the same question of providing my SSD drive receipt which I reply to him with every time. I am getting noplace and I am about to just return the SSD drive and buy one with any other program but yours to finally get my critically needed laptop back up and running. I am hoping someone other than Abhishikth will finally stop this round and round loop he continues to keep me in, I provide the receipt which clearly shows the 3 licenses True Image 2019 Software and he continues to not acknowledge I am providing him with the proof yet he just continues requesting this information over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again. My wife and I are both disabled and during Covid-19 our laptops are our only connection to the outside world for not just Medical Health reasons but a lifeline to our outside lives now unable to interact with. I have asked him to escalate my unique situation yet he only responds with the identical repeated request. I have been doing this with him for over a month now and it is ridiculous that he refuses to provide my working or a working full version serial number by repeating his same question and my clear reply proving I am telling the truth. I have asked him to have a supervisor at your company to PLEASE help us, two older disabled husbands, and wife team and he refuses to read my direct proof from my SSD drive purchase verifying I have legitimately pad for your software. The hard drive company I purchased on Amazon keeps saying to get my Acronis Serial Number from you and Anhishikth refuses to acknowledge I clearly did get a fully functioning 2019 Version of your software. PLEASE WE ARE AT THE END OF OUR ROPE AND OUR SITUATION HAS BECOME CRITICAL TO BE ABLE TO CONCLUDE STARTED UP AND COPYING OUR DATA TO THE SSD DRIVE WE PURCHASED WHICH INCLUDED YOUR SOFTWARE.  


See the copy and paste proof not to mention that I attached this very document to all of my replies to 

 Final Details for Order #113-9940570-6121831

Print this page for your records.

|  Order Placed:  June 28, 2020  |

| order number: 113-9940570-6121831  |

|  Order Total: $118.09  |

|  Shipped on June 29, 2020  |

|  Items Ordered  |  Price  |

|  1 of: Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD, up to 560MB/s - CT1000MX500SSD1Acronis True Image 2019 (3) Computer  Product Install

 Sold by: Services LLC

Condition: New

  |  $114.99

|  Shipping Address:

  - Louis A Grossi

  - 1397 BEAGLE RUN

  - SALISBURY, NC 28146-7029

  - United States

Shipping Speed:

FREE Shipping

|  Payment information  |

| Item(s) Subtotal:  | $114.99 |

| Shipping & Handling: | $7.06 |

| Courtesy Credit: | -$4.63 |

| Free Shipping: | -$7.06 |

|   | ----- |

| Total before tax: | $110.36 |

| Estimated tax to be collected: | $7.73 |

|   | ----- |

| Grand Total: | $118.09 |

Payment Method:

Bank Account | Last 2 digits: 72

Billing address   

  - Louis A Grossi

  - PO box 1851

  - Salisbury, NC 28145

  - United States

To view the status of your order, return to Order Summary.

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Crucial SSD comes with a download of a free version of Acronis True Image for Crucial. That's not an an answer to your question I know, I also bought Acronis full version back in 2019 and the download came with a product key in an email receipt. Sometimes the Acronis True Image for Crucial program doesn't work for some reason so I use the 2004 version."


    On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 12:18:39 PM EDT, Abhishikth A <> wrote: 

*** Please do not change the subject line of this email; otherwise, your response will not be received. ***

Hello Luciano,

Thank you for contacting Acronis Customer Central, My name is Abhishikth

This is a follow-up mail post our chat conversation we had yesterday

You had contacted us requesting for a 3-PC free upgrade license from your Acronis True Image OEM version which you had received with your SSD.

In the course of our conversation

- You had informed that you purchased an SSD drive and also received Acronis True Image with 3-PC license and Acronis True Image reverted back to trial version after you performed a clone operation to your SSD drive

- I had requested you to share the original invoice copy along with the serial key of Acronis True Image 3-PC license for which you purchased.

- The copy-pasted text with the details of your purchase was not valid.

- Hence I requested to attach the original copy of the invoice where the serial key of the Acronis True Image is mentioned.

Please share with me the Original copy of the invoice where the Acronis True Image 3-PC license is mentioned. you can attach the document on your reply to this mail

Looking forward to your reply.

Feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance.

Best regards,

Abhishikth A
Support Professional
Acronis Customer Central

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Luciano, welcome to these public User Forums.

Please see KB 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products which applies to all OEM versions of ATI supplied with hardware purchases.

Beyond the above document advice, if you are still being bounced around, then send a private message to Ekaterina Surkova | Forum Moderator who can try to escalate this issue within Acronis.