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Update True Image Home 2010 and optionally the Plus Pack on Windows 7 (x64)

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no thanks to Acronis for providing clear installation instructions:

How to install True Image Home 2010 and optionally the Plus Pack on Windows 7 (x64)

These instructions are based on upgrading to build 6053 for both of the above packages, and your user account has administrative privileges (the UAC does not have to be turned off, but doing so temporarily may help)

1. Start a new folder to collect all the files in one place.

2. Download the devcon.exe file from Microsoft at:

3. Running this executable will unzip the files. Change the destination to the new folder in Step 1.

4. Download the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

5. Right-click on this file and select 'Run as Administrator'; answer UAC prompts as necessary.

6. Open the i386 folder. Copy the devcon.exe file to:
32-bit OS: Windows\System32
64-bit OS: Windows\SysWOW64

7. Log into your account at Acronis if you have not already done so.

8. Download build 6053 (or later - but make sure the build numbers match):
TrueImage2010.6053_s_en.exe (and optionally TrueImage2010PlusPack.6053_s_en.exe)

9: Gather all your license nubmers, if any product was purchased as an upgrade, you will also need the license number from the previous version. I suggest putting all these numbers in one text file.

10. Download true_image_home_cleanup.exe from:…
and extract the executable to your file collection folder.

11. Run true_image_home_cleanup.exe. This will wipe all installed True Image software from your system, including all your current settings and schedules. Reboot.

12. Install True Image Home 2010 - note: build 6053 and later includes the updated 'snapapi' driver. You won't need to separately install the 503 version. Reboot.

13. Make sure the software opens properly. If you are installing the Plus Pack, close True Image and go to the next step, otherwise, re-do your options and recreate your backup schedules. You are done.

14. Install the Plus Pack - again, make sure the build number matches your version of the base software. Reboot.

15. Make sure the software opens properly. Re-do your options and recreate your backup schedules. You are done.

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If you would be so kind (as a very knowledgeable Windows 7 user), could you see if the Acronis WinPE ISO Builder (discussed at this forum: ) works, i.e., provides bootable media that functions properly. I have only XP SP3, so I have no way of checking if the process works for Win 7.


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Gary, the tutorial you describe does indeed work under Window 7 Home premium 32bit. I've used it to successfully build a Winpe 3 disk.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm working on the rest of the tutorial.

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