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Backup of iCloud Drive

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Is there an option in Acronis True Image for Mac that will backup folders and files that are on my iCloud drive?  To be clear: I do not want to back to my iCloud drive.  I want to backup the files from iCloud.  I know you might ask "Why do I want to backup files that are already saved to the cloud?".  My concern is accidentally deleting or overwriting a file and wanting to restore it.

If the answer is no, can Acronis True Image backup files and folders from my Microsoft One Drive (on my Mac)?

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OK, so I'll answer my own question...

It appears Acronis does backup iCloud files.  On the Recovery tab, I searched for a filename that was only on my iCloud drive.  When I explored the full pathname, I found all my iCloud files were backed up.  The root of the iCloud drive ends up being:

Macintosh HD - Data/Users/[username]/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~[name]

"username" is your username.  "name" is "Keynote" for Keynote docs, "Pages" for Pages documents, etc..  Custom folders that you created under iCloud appear to be under "CloudDocs" (Macintosh HD - Data/Users/[username]/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs).

If this was in the documentation somewhere, I sure missed.  Very obscure, but I'm glad to know I have a backup.  I'm still relatively new to the Mac but have been a longtime UNIX developer.  I know Apple maps the user-friendly names of items in the Finder window to some place in the filesystem.  Hope this helps anyone else backing up their Mac.

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Hello John,

thank you for sharing your experience with the community! Basically, Acronis True Image should back up everything that is physically present on the drive. If the actual data lies in the local folder, it should be imaged as well. If the local folder for example stores only some links to the actual data stored in Cloud, Acronis True Image will back up only links without the content.