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Repeated Data Corruption Errors

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This problem has happened to me 6 times in 2 years.  During an incremental Daily backup using Acronis True Image 2019 for Mac, I'll get:

The last backup attempt failed. Read error or data content is corrupted. 

I'm backing up to a Synology NAS, which I've checked repeatedly for disk problems and found none.  I've filed several support tickets, only to be told to start another full backup (which takes 5 hours).  This solves the problem for anywhere from 2-4 weeks, then I get it again.

This is not right.  If a backup program encounters a read error then it should make a reasonable attempt to fix the problem.  At the very least, it should leave the corrupted file in place and backup the file in another location.  

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May I suggest that you repost in the ATI MAC forum as you are more likely to get a useful response there.

I do not have a MAC so I cannot help. Is the MAC connecting to your network using Ethernet or WIFI? 


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Hello Craig,

I haven't found any known solutions for the issue apart from re-selecting the backup source in the backup plan and\or starting a new backup chain. Finding the root cause of the failure would require more in-depth investigation with the help of our support engineers. If you can spend some time for investigation, please open a support ticket and share the ticket ID with me, I'll try to prioritize it.