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.tibx is all corrupted or locked

Thread needs solution
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I have been using acronis for 9 months. I have several .tibx but when I go to restore they say they are locked or corrupted.  I thought i had a back up and my system died.  How can I get to those files?  All of them say they are locked or corrupted. 


I would of never thought this was possible that all would be corrupted.   

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Jean, welcome to these public User Forums.

You have posted this topic in the ATI for Mobile devices forum so the first question here is:

What type of .tibx files are you trying to restore here?

The Acronis Mobile app for Android and/or Apple ISO both create .tibx files but these are not restorable by the ATI application running in Windows.  Any restore of a Mobile .tibx file is done from the Acronis Mobile app running on the device where it is installed.

If the .tibx file was created by ATI 2020 or 2021, then it is very important that all the files associated for the backup are present and none have been deleted outside of ATI using Explorer.  This is because there are metadata links between .tibx files created by the Windows ATI application.