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Grover's Alternate method to shutdown computer after backup via a separate batch/command file.

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While I cannot provide a fix or cure for your shutdown issue, I can suggest a workaround which should enable your computer to perform a routine shutdown following the completion of the backup. Rather than use TrueImage to instruct your computer to shutdown at end of a backup, consider using a different method whereas True Image enables Windows to perform the shutdown via a separate batch/command file.

Instructions for use with Windows 7: 1. Copy the entire command below into your clipboard. %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\SHUTDOWN.EXE /s /t 180 /c "Shutdown in 180 seconds" /d p:4:1 2 . Go to Start/All Program/Accessories Right Click on Notepad Choose "Run an Administrator". Paste the contents of your clipboard into Notepad so that you see this data residing inside Notepad %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\SHUTDOWN.EXE /s /t 180 /c "Shutdown in 180 seconds" /d p:4:1 (The copy/paste method much easier and more accurate. In this example, shutdown is pre-planned to occur 180 seconds after backups complete. You can change the 180 to another figure. Note: Windows 7 uses a "/" for commands. XP uses a "-".) 3. Perform a File Save as and save the file into the root of drive C by typing the drive letter-path and the name. C:\Timed-shutdown.CMD The resulting path would be C:\Timed-shutdown.CMD CLOSE NOTEPAD. 4. Create a new Disk & Partition backup task and GO TO:Disk Backup Options/Advanced Tab/Pre-Post Commands/ Use Custom commands/Post Window. (Confirm you have selected the POST option--not the PRE option). Click the Edit button and browse to COMPUTER/DRIVE C and select the TIMED-SHUTDOWN.CMD file (from the root of Drive C) and click OPEN. The result should make the TIMED-SHUTDOWN.CMD appear inside the command window. Click OK Instructions continued below.



5. Double check to make sure the Acronis shutdown option setting is no longer checked inside the Disk Backup Options/Advance tab. 6. If finished with task creation, Click the Backup Later option to finalize the task creation. 7. . Every time the backup runs, at the end of the backup, you should get a desktop message indicating shutdown will occur in 180 seconds. ----------------------------------------------------- Troubleshooting before use. 8. Strongly recommend you add a desktop shortcut which will enable you to cancel the shutdown from completion if you wish to continue using the computer or for testing purposes. Right click on some empty space on your desktop Choose New Choose Shortcut Type the location of the item (which is) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SHUTDOWN.EXE /A Click NEXT Type a name for the shortcut (which is) Stop Timed Shutdown Click Finish use your mouse pointer and grab hold of the shortcut and move its location to a location of your choosing. I put mine in lower left corner of the desktop. 9. . One of the first tests should be open Windows Explore and browse to Drive C. Locate and DBL CLICK on Timed-Shutdown.CMD The shutdown in 180 seconds alert Window should appear on your desktop. To prevent the shutdown from completing, press the Stop Timed Shutdown desktop shortcut completed in step #8. A successful test should indicate that the same will be successful as part of your backup command. Use these procedures as part of manual or scheduled backup. Good Luck! Edit & addition: In item 1 above, if a delay shoud be needed prior to the shutdown command, this is an alternative for item 1. %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\TIMEOUT.EXE /T 60 %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\SHUTDOWN.EXE /s /t 180 /c "Shutdown in 180 seconds" /d p:4:1 =============== Addendum

How to add a delay to TI startup of backups--

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Hello GrooverH,

thank You very much indeed! This hint is really helpful, it works perfectly.

Kind regards, Andreas

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How to add a delay to TI startup of backups--

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The 2015 version does not offer a shortcut creator but you can make your own desktop shortcut.

The shortcut can be created via (Windows 64)

1. Go to your scripts folder found


2. Locate the backup task script ID (your number will differ). Most likely you can use date-time of the last backup to help in choosing the correct script.  To help identify the correct script, you can open the script in Notepad and the task name can be found in upper left corner of the notepad contents.  Opening in Notepad is just to gather information. You are not making any changes to the script. Cancel Notepad when done viewing the script contents.


3. Use Notepad and Create your shortcut as below except use your script number. This is the info which is placed inside the Windows scheduler. Note quotation mark placement. One space after " before /. One continuous line. You can copy/paste into clipboard for editing.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\TrueImageHome\TrueImageLauncher.exe" /script:4BBD414B-0121-41B7-9135-1CDA5F4EAF2F

You will have to use date/time of script to ascertain correct ID, or use Notepad to open the script and look at the task description for identification.

Backup may run without TI being opened and it may run without your knowing it.
Inspect your storage folder to confirm existence or non-existence of expected backup.

What I did was to create a desktop shortcut with the id and then run that shortcut as a test to make sure the correct backup would run before putting the command inside the scheduler.

If you involve a bat file, you will need to use Notepad in Administrator mode for its creation and saving.

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Attention to anyone posting in this thread.

This is not a forum for posting question and answers. The purpose of this particular forum is a

"Centralized place for sharing your best practices, tips & tricks for protecting data loss at home"

Please do NOT POST into my helper postings!

There is a place to provide feedbackup to Acrnois, is that is the purpose of your postings.

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Thanks GroverH for your post.  I recently upgraded from ATI 2014 to 2016 and had to deal with a change in the way 2016 handles shutdown during a backup.  Upon shutdown during backup 2014 would wait (several hours if necessary) until the backup finished.  2016 just waits a few minutes (presumably to quiesce the backup process) and then cancels it.  Your shutdown process helps me get around this issue.  I wish Acronis would just give us an option to delay shutdown until backup finishes.

In case you're interested, here's some java code that implements the shutdown and shutdown-abort via prompt.


import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

public class PCShutdown {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

        int seconds = 30;
        JFrame frame = new JFrame("PC Shutdown");
        frame.setSize(200, 200);
        Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
        Process procShutdown = runtime.exec("C:\\Windows\\System32\\shutdown.exe /s /t " + seconds
                + " /c \"Shutdown in " + seconds + " seconds\" /d p:4:1");
        int result = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(frame, "Acronis backup complete. \nWindows will shutdown in "
                + seconds + " seconds. \nDo you want to abort shutdown?", null, JOptionPane.YES_NO_OPTION);
        switch (result) {
        case JOptionPane.YES_OPTION:
            Process procAbortShutdown = runtime.exec("C:\\Windows\\System32\\shutdown.exe /a");
        case JOptionPane.NO_OPTION:
        case JOptionPane.CANCEL_OPTION:


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Thank you steve. Can you explan in a little more detail, as I am not a progammer--not even an amateur one

such as

Is your data pasted into my timed-shutdown.cmd in place of my code?

More detail on where your  data is placed.

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First of all, your method works just fine as is.  Running the java program is just slightly more user-friendly in that it displays a dialog box where you can click on a button to abort (or continue) the shutdown instead of looking for the shortcut.  I still run a .bat file from ATI, it's just that the .bat file runs the java program instead of the actual system commands.  You would have to be familiar with how to run a standalone java application on your computer to run something like this. 

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OK. Thanks for the thoughts. Improvements always welcome. Thank you.


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Not sure if this is mentioned - anyone building batch files should ensure that known file extensions are displayed so that you dont end up with "shutdown.cmd.txt" which will not execute.

THis can be changed in windows file explorer: view-> options-> view - > advanced settings: untick "hide extensions for known file types".

This likely applies to a lot of the great scripting options in this forum.... maybe I should post it in a small thread of its own! :).



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Hi, It works fine when I am  login.

But it's not working when backup schedule is running in the lock screen (after login), the acronis log shows :

Event details: Child process has exited with cod '1,271'.

Event code: 0x00010400


What should I do to make shutdown function working ?

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