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Change my email address for the forum

Thread needs solution
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My current registered email address for these forum is invalid.

I cannot change it by myself (see pic)

Can you please change it for me?

I don't want to post it here so i'll PM it to the forum mod when asked.

Thank you 

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That option seems to be locked for all users including myself as a MVP too!  Will need to see if Ekaterina will reply to your request as forum moderator.

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Hello rypz79,

thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, even the moderator cannot change the login email for a forum profile, because Acronis Forum basically does not create independent accounts - we use credentials of Acronis Account  (one you create at Acronis website for authentication. That way, if you need to change the login email, you'll have to change your email at Here you'll find instructions on how to change the registration email for Acronis Account 
 And then log in to forum with the new email. 
Hope this helps, let me know if any questions!