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DriveCleanser Will not boot - on any machines

Thread needs solution
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I have tried and tried to get DriveCleanser to boot and this turning out to be a poor experience (I wish the site would have said that the last product update was April 2007 before I purchased).

Blank screen - that is it, I have tried my BIOS setttings, set SATA to compatability instead of AHCI, tried to make it as legacy as possible no go.


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Hello William,

Thank you for posting and welcome to our Forum. I will definitely help you.

The best way to proceed in this situation is to contact our Support team directly so that we can assist you with this issue.

I found your support case that you have logged with us and I will follow-up with a private message to clarify some details.

If you need additional help please let me know.

Thank you.