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Deleted Fedora partition via Windows 7 manage. Restarted. Now stuck with Grub Rescue! Any help?

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I was trying my hands on Fedora. But didnt like it. So deleted the whole partition from Windows 7 manage disks. But wasn't aware that MBR was also supposed to be updated.
I restarted. And stuck with Grub Rescue prompt ever since.
Since my CDROM is also not working, I tried creating a bootable Win 7 USB from a different machine.
I was able to boot my machine with this bootable Win 7 USB, but at System Repair menu, it said:
" system recovery options is not compatible with the version of windows..."

I really don't want to format my whole disk :( and do whole Win 7 installation again.
Please help! TIA

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What Acronis program are you using or do you need to know what Acronis program can help you with your problem?