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Acronis 2019 best of all since the start from True Image.

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A half year ago I had hard troubles trying to restore a backup with True Image 2018. I had used ATI2018 several times to restore a system backup after an windows update. The problem was never solved so I almost stopped using ATI after 12years!! Another tool solved the problem at the end and I bought EaseUS Todo Backup Home (lifetime license) with another extra tool (image manager).

A few months later I noticed that the new ATI2019 also had an image manager and I decided trying ATI2019 with very good results: backups and restores are mutch faster than EaseUS. Most important: it worked without any problem anymore. Since then I restored my system more than 10 times in 10 minutes (90GB).

I like Acronis very much but think it's a bit overpriced compared with EaseUS, every year 60€ for 3 pc's (EaseUS 60€ for lifetime upgrades). Acronis is good, very good. Hope it stays that way.

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Hello Angel,

Thank you very much for this lovely message! I am really happy that you have stayed with Acronis through these years and hope that we never disappoint you.

As for prices - we try to organize many promos throughout the year for our loyal users to save some money.

If you are using perpetual licenses, you can also upgrade to every new version with quite a big discount.