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Acronis MVP (Most Valuable Professionals) program

Hello Everyone

We'd like to tell you more about the MVP program. In short, we are trying to build and support a positive community. The best forums are not driven by companies, but rather by a passionate community of users like you. It is our goal to create a platform to help us reach more of our Customers and understand their needs. With the help of MVPs, Customers can have a voice in the product development and technical support decision making process.

We welcome you to spend as much or as little time as you wish working with our community. Your contribution will be very valuable!

Below are a few bullets that outline the terms and conditions.

MVP advantages:

  •  Free software for testing purposes and personal use
  •  Help with support prioritization when needed
  •  Exclusive access to a private MVP section of the Acronis Forum
  •  Possibility to directly communicate and share ideas with Acronis product development and management
  •  Broad experience with Acronis products and helping clients in different environments that can add value to your resume

MVP Terms:

  • As a 3rd party Partner with Acronis and its Customers, MVPs are not required to represent Acronis in a formal manner.
  • MVP status is awarded for your current contributions. The MVP title is not a lifetime status, and verification will take place up to 4 times a year (quarterly). Unlike most awards and incentives, this one requires official acceptance of the below conditions.


The MVP is required to:

  • Conduct themselves with complete professionalism at all times on the Acronis Forum and in communications relevant to Acronis products, Customers, and the Company.
  • Actively participate in the Forum with a goal of 25 posts per month (not meeting the goal is not an automatic disqualification, we understand that sometimes life happens :)
  • Provide guidance and information aimed at helping other community members to be successful with Acronis products and services.
  • Identify issues and raise them to Acronis Support and Product Development.
  • Refrain from posting counterproductive, destructive, malicious, or otherwise negative comments about Acronis and its products; the Forum is intended for constructive and solution-based communication.
  • Comply with the general Acronis Forum Terms of Use:
  • Participate in the nomination of other active community members for the MVP award.

Privacy and confidentiality agreement:

  • All discussions with Acronis Management (including Support, Development, and Executives) are confidential unless otherwise authorized for external dissemination by Acronis.
  • All feature requests, enhancements, product ideas and designs submitted by the MVP are the sole property of Acronis.
  • Acronis reserves the right to revoke MVP status for any reason.

If you are interested in joining Acronis MVP program, send your applications to Ekaterina Surkova

Thank you!